Felipe is AMAZING

We have been having issues with our ac draining since the hot weather moved in. I had been dripping down the back of the wall into the utility closet and we had issues related to this a few times.

It started pouring out of the front of the unit and under the paint on the wall and we went down to the office immediately. Felipe responded promptly and vacuumed the line, it draining well - we thought it was all resolved and he left. Somehow the issue persisted - and on top of that, the weather outside started getting stormy. We contacted the front office again, and Felipe returned. He worked through the rain to try different things to diagnose the problem and got soaked through in the process because he genuinely wanted to fix this issue.

He ended up finding the problem and created a temporary fix for us till he could get the piece he needed and returned promptly the following day to get the part in and we haven't had an issue since.

I feel MUCH more confident knowing that Felipe is here to resolve our maintenance needs and I hope that he gets the recognition he deserves. Thanks again for the hard work!